About Us

Riverside Kids Gym is a truly unique facility specifically designed to enhance children's physical development. Riverside Kids offers innovative fitness programs for children from 10 months to 10 years of age.

The gym area includes equipment such as a balance beam, parallel bars and rings. A separate room offers an area with artificial turf for open play.

Some of our program offerings include:

Through participation in our programs, children benefit by learning skills that enhance their self esteem, self confidence, social skills, strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Participation in our programs' build a strong foundation with the confidence and skills to be physically and athletically successful.

In addition to physical development, our programs also promote receptive, expressive and social language skills, all of which are so important to cognitive development.

Parents find Riverside Kids Gym to be warm, welcoming, safe and extremely clean; while children enjoy the creative and fun environment.

Riverside Kids benefits from over 20 years in the development of fitness designed for the entire family at Riverside Health & Fitness Center. For added value, members of our adult fitness center can enroll their children in Riverside Kids Gym programs at a significant discount. Membership at both facilities offers a great value as well as convenience.

Build your child's confidence in their own capabilities as they prepare for a life long love of physical fitness and good health. Riverside Kids always encourages kids to do their best and promotes a non-competitive environment where friends are made and healthy fun activities are enjoyed!